Podiatrist Designed Foot Support

Orthotics are Podiatrist designed foot supports that help to improve function by taking pressure away from sore, injured or painful joints and soft tissues of the lower limb and foot. Your orthotic is made from a custom cast of your foot and designed with your needs and activities in mind.

Orthotics are commonly used for:

Plantar fasciitis

Heel Pain

Achilles Pain

Shin splints

Aching feet


Forefoot Pain

Flat feet with pain

Ankle pain

How do know if I need orthotics?

At Alicia Foster Podiatry we will undertake a thorough assessment of the way you stand, walk and function assessing your injury or pain to see if you would benefit from foot orthotics.

How do know if I need orthotics?

A video gait assessment, muscle testing and cast will be taken of your feet. This is paired with a prescription catering to your specific needs and orthotic is custom designed for you.

After this we will arrange an appointment to fit your new orthotic to your shoes and advise how to start wearing your orthotics.